Thursday, June 25, 2015

Chloe turns 5!

 photo DSC_0674_zps022b5ecd.jpg Where did my tiny little Chloe go? Five years has gone by. You are heading off to Kindergarten, and I am so excited for you! You will have a great time learning, and expecially being social.  photo 1PicMonkey Collage-_zpsiq29nso4.jpg  photo 1June 2015 006-_zpsdfhrpyxo.jpg We just celebrated Chloe's 5th birthday with a rainbow party. She was so excited for her friends to come, and very excited for.. drum roll please.. Cake. Yup cake tends to be the highlight of her birthday party experiences.  photo 1PicMonkey Collage_zpse8b8cfld.jpg  photo 1June 2015 056-_zpskagwmr1g.jpg

We did a low key party this year with minimal food, and we just let the kiddos run around play in the pool and have a good time.
 photo 1June 2015 044-_zpsypndj792.jpg
 photo 1June 2015 098-_zpsyiggtu7r.jpg  photo 1June 2015 065-_zpsfyd39xnl.jpg  photo 1June 2015 017-_zpszkphqscf.jpg

 photo 244_zpsmltpi8y4.jpg

 photo 238_zps0y3zaute.jpg  photo 1June 2015 046-_zpsetulfcsv.jpg  photo 1PicMonkey Collagel_zpsstc4zuzu.jpg  photo 246_zpsdnipal2q.jpg  photo 12PicMonkey Collage_zpsu3vaj6ju.jpg  photo 245_zpsxrgjcc1v.jpg

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