Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Mother's Day

Uplifting day @ Church

Flowers as gifts at Church were beautiful

Crepes in the morning and pork chops for dinner -by Daddy.

Top knot, Jeans, and a T.

Go for a walk and smelling the roses.

                                           Love those chubby thighs.


            Full body Massage for mothers day.
                      A brand new Kitchen Aid Mixer.
                   (Metallic Pearl)

        At home Family day.
                   Beautiful Mother's day..

Friday, May 4, 2012

Glass Beach, Bowling Ball Beach

Glass beach

We eat sand around here
and dirt..

Chloe looking for colored glass among the pebbles.
She would pick out the big pieces and throw them into the water.

C loved the water. She wanted to play in it all day
wet boots, and pants.. so we ended up going without.
She enjoyed throwing shells and rocks in
Over and over.

Second time in manual mode.. doing a little better.
Chloe loved the glass sand. Uncle Seth helped her pick out
the prettiest ones!

Hanging with the boys

Going to see the tallest tree in the world!

Chloe loved bowling ball beach. She kept grabbing handfulls of sand and taste testing.

Daddy and Chloe on the "bowling ball" rocks

Oh yes, and no trip would be complete without little Miss Ginger photo bombing our pics.

Great day in Mendocino County