Thursday, June 11, 2015


 photo 1May 2015 075-_zpsgvpvkfx3.jpg
Oh Piper Jane, you are now two years old! You are the fieriest little thing I know. You are smart beyond what I can express, and are such a handfull. You have been a bit difficult since about 18 months old. You personify the terrible twos. When you get mad (which is quite a lot) You spit, and throw whatever is laying around. You communicate very well for your age, but you still get very frustrated when you aren't understood. You know your ABC's and can count to 10. You do pretty well from 10-20, but we are still working on it. You know first and last names of people. You have an amazing memory. You recall things in story form. You love to talk, and right now you repeat your self over and over, until you are heard. You hate to be confined. You have great manners. You say Please and thank you. You have a lisp, and cannot say your S's or R's well.
 photo 1May 2015 035-_zpszyutxs9c.jpg

You love your Mama and Grandma, You enjoy reading books, and animal flash cards. You are mischevious, and love to be sneaky.  photo 1May 2015 071-edits_zpsnfmr8e8s.jpg photo 1May 2015 056-_zpsidj8uwwz.jpg

You don't realize that you aren't Chloe's age, and it frustrates you that you can't always do the things she does.  photo 1May 2015 049-_zpskvcarubu.jpg

You are very entertaining, even so much that you have been on Multiple tv shows like MTV, and Right this minute photo 1May 2015 064-_zpsbjjwxppo.jpg  photo 1May 2015 125-_zps9gnmcvlw.jpg  photo 1May 2015 091-_zpsmtm6bygw.jpg  photo 1May 2015 122-edit_zpsa4lrxpdn.jpg

 photo 1May 2015 129-_zpszj37stkb.jpg
 photo 1May 2015 021-_zpslmnsoyyw.jpg

You LOVE to talk, and can recall stories that happened a long time ago. You get very animated, and can't stop your hands from moving, because they help you tell your story.  photo 1dollfacepiper_zpsdwjstkzr.jpg  photo PicMonkey Collage6_zpshk7faaac.jpg

I love to watch you play. You love to get into things, and create mess.  photo PicMonkey Collage1_zpswts1tige.jpg

You like people, and will go to anyone.  photo PicMonkey Collage4_zpsfwb1rq98.jpg

You have never had stranger danger. You enjoy pushing people's buttons (kinda reminds me of dad)  photo PicMonkey Collage3_zpsiwphf9px.jpg

You are fond of your "Efalent" (elephant) stuffed animal, and you love "mingos" (flamingos)  photo PicMonkey Collage2_zpsc3q2k0se.jpg

You are incredibly smart and funny.  photo PicMonkey Collage5_zpstfkaefkj.jpg

We are so lucky that you are in our family.. Now hurry up and get through the terrible twos Quick!

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  1. It was so fun watching her the other day, and these pictures of her are perfect and hysterical at the same time. I had two small watermelon in my fridge when she was over and it just cracked me up when she opened the door, looked around, and said, "I watermelon!" What a firecracker of joy that girl is!