Friday, January 27, 2012


The face of a tantrum.. We are seeing this a lot more often these days..

The poor thing just can't quite get me to understand what she wants.

Look at those tears! When she cries she cries big. At this age there is no reasoning with her. I just have to simply walk away and wait for it to be over.

And soon enough she is back to being my little *angel *
Fellow moms- Any advise on tantrums?


  1. Aww she is so cute! Tantrums though I know during are not! Your doing the right thing. She is so little. Just ignoring is the best bet. Sometimes I can figure out what is wrong in advance before the tantrum. Like if it is almost lunch time and I can tell my kids are hungry earlier then we eat earlier. Or I give them the yogurt part of the lunch while the rest is cooking. That is just an example. But believe me EVERY kids has tantrums. Lukas use to go for seriously over an hour!

  2. I used sign language. I taught my kids a few basic signs like "more" "eat" "drink" etc... kids at this age can't verbalize their needs but their little sponges when it comes to mimicking movement. Just think of when they learned to clap or wave or blow kisses!! If they feel they can communicate a little it helps with their frustration.

    1. We use sign language with her, but she hasn't started using it back :( Hoping she will soon!