Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY gone wrong

Ever try a "do it yourself project" and fail miserably? This happens a lot to me. I saw a do it yourself baby shoes tutorial on Pinterest, (which I am addicted to) and thought I would give them a try. They looked easy enough, but they took four hours of sewing and seam ripping just to be done and realize I wouldn't let Chloe out in public wearing these things... Now it's just a matter of proving to myself that I can do this right.. I am going to attempt to make another pair tonight. We will see! Here is my failed attempt at a "shoe" if you would call this that.. Update: here are my second and third attempts. Note to self- leather is so hard to work with..

2nd attempt
the shoe alone

With a rosette and strap.


  1. Ha, definitely had happened to me! I think they look cute, and may I say I am super impressed by your DIY retro swimmers!

  2. Thank you Sharstin, and Kristin. You are too kind! I am in the process of attempting a third pair.. will upadate soon!

  3. I like the shoes! Amazing...who'd of thought that you could make shoes!