Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Made it half way!!! Sweet little girl is moving and I feel her often. I started feeling little 
movements at 16 weeks and real kicks at 17 weeks. She is less active than Chloe was at this point. She sleeps most of the time and tends to wake after 8 at night to wiggle and kick.
I have been so frustrated thinking about what this little girl's name is!
She needs a name.. Now! I want to stop calling her baby girl. I have been 
looking over an old list I had from when I found out I was pregnant with Chloe..
              Here are the names on that list. In no certain order.
 My top names are not Adam's favorite Marked with a * 
               and Adam's top names are not mine. Marked with a - 
Nothing is standing out to me. I never had this problem with Chloe!

  •  Emma*   "Emmie" 
  •  Lucy  
  • Amelia-  "Millie"
  • Sophie*
  • Daisy *-
  • Piper *-
  • Ivy* 
  • Hazel
  • Penelope
  • Madeline* 
  • Jane (middle name?)
  • Lulu - (middle name)
  • Kate (middle name)
  • Alice-
  • Ellie/ Elle

I don't want to be sitting in the hospital staring at her still trying to figure out what her name is!


  1. Oh, such cute options! I'm so excited about this and can't wait to see which one you guys pick!

  2. I like the ones with the dash by them...

  3. I like a * name with the middle name that has neither a * or - When I was pregnant with our son, I made a list of names and taped them to the bathroom mirror. That's how we finally decided on his name!! Good luck!!!

    1. Carolyn- which names do you like? I took your advice and used chloe's bath crayons and wrote our names on the bathtub wall to study for a while :)

    2. I think Madeline Kate Baird would be a really pretty name!!!

  4. Daisy or Ivy have a nice ring to it when you say the girls's names together. Chloe and Daisy or Ivy .... :D

    1. Thanks Robyn! I like Ivy, but Adam does not :( seems to be the on going theme

  5. A few of those were our favorites too! Others on my short list were Kendal, Channing, Olivia "Livvie" ...but I tend to like the gender neutral names :) Riley, Kennedy... Oh! And I think Charlie is cute for a girl!

    1. Cute names Cassie! What did you name your little girl's middle name? She is so cute! love all of that hair!!

  6. Harper, Fiona, Olivia (livi), Phoebe, Paige, Aubrey, Stella

    These are all from babynamewizard.com You can plug in a name you like and it suggests sibling names or names you might also like! It gives great info about the name, meaning, census reports

    1. Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out!