Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chloë 3 and a half

Oh sweet miss Chloe. You have the most tender heart.You hate to see anyone in pain, and have a huge place in your heart for anyone who is hurting, or sad. If you find out that anyone you know is sick you ask about them all day. Recently Grams wasn't able to come over to see you because she had a bad headache. You made her a get well card, and asked to call her constantly to see if she was better. Your sister, Piper has had a bad ear and eye infection, and has been cutting a new tooth. You have been extra gentle with her and you speak so soft and sweet to, and about her. If someone is sad at the park you will walk over to them with a concerned look across your face, and ask them if they are alright.
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You adore your daddy. You idolize him. You remind me so much of him. You both like to make people laugh. You tend to be the class clown, and you don't even know you are funny. You call daddy after school every day to tell him what letter you learned. You are so proud of yourself when you are the "Special Helper".
You have a "boyfriend" and you talk about him off and on through out the week. He is a cute blonde boy named Collin, who dresses preppy, has a messy styled pomade crew cut and I think you have good taste
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You want to please us, and others, but you forget to so so when your best friends are around.
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Your best friends right now are your next door neighbors, and church-mates, Chloe 3.5 and Max 5. You ask at least ten times a day if you can go over and see them. We wish you could, but we try not to bother them too much.
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As soon as you wake up you ask "mommy what are we doing today. You like to stay busy doing things out and about. As soon as I pick you up you want to go somewhere else.
 photo 1March2014055-pcbw_zps8bc3e8d8.jpg
You have taken 2 "semesters" of ballet, and you love it! You do pretty good in class for the first 20 minutes, and then you lose track of what you should be doing and get sidetracked. 
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You sing "Twinkle twinkle" and say "Buu buu buu the world so high"
When you sing the ABC song you finish with "now my A-B-C-D-E next time won't you sing with me"
 You only watch the first 20 minutes of your movies now, and then you get side tracked. You LOVE frozen, and know every line of the songs. You sing " I can't control the PURSE!" or "go away Ana.. Okay WHY?"
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You are very fiesty. You talk back all of the time. You are bossy, and have so much attitude.When you are put into time out you cry and cry that you don't want to be naughty.
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You have a cat obsession.
You have a chapstick obsession. You over use them, and it ends up on your lips and all around you lips
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When you want something you will come tell me "Daddy says I can have... Or you tell daddy that Mommy says you can... We have to check with each other to see if this is true.. usually it's not.
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When you like something you say " I liked dat BIG BIG!" You also tell us you love us big big!
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You love mail! You think Grandma Baird is going to send you something every day, and you will walk to the mail box hoping something came for you every-single-day.
You are the most grateful little girl. When you get gifts you are SO thrilled! You hug the gift and tell us I love it I love it!!
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You love jumping off of things.
 photo 1D71_7895-_zpse53eddcc.jpg
One of your funny sayings is "right quick" like "I gotta go potty right quick."
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You are a stuffed animal kind of girl. You like to take the animal of the week with you wherever you go. You don't play with dolls, or barbies. 
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Chloe, we love you big big! you are so sweet!

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