Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fresh Squeezed Review

I don't normally do reviews of anything, but I really really like this product.. 
I made most of Chloe's baby food, and felt happy about knowing where her food came from, and what was in it, but it got tricky toting it around it all sorts of containers. 
I kept thinking "why don't they make reusable pouches", or something like it... well they did.. kinda. These are not technically reusable. Just fillable, but I do reuse them... They come with a filling system, pouches, and caps.

 photo 1D71_6387web_zps83198061.jpg
I love that they are clear containers, and I can write what they are on the outside.
Okay, so here is what I do..
 I steam all of my veggies and puree them. 
I also puree all of my fruit, then I add my sweet fruits into my not as sweet veggies, so my baby will eat them. I make all sorts of yummy baby food recipes.
 photo 1D71_6375web_zps9b2abfce.jpg
Avocado..pear.. yum, but I haven't tried making these together, yet
 photo 1D71_6383web_zpsa501988f.jpg
I put carrot into a lot of my recipes. It blends well, and adds a sweetness.
 photo 1D71_6363web_zpscd5566cf.jpg
Above is a scooped out Acorn squash.
 I usually use butternut, because it's a go to for baby food, as is sweet potato.
 Acorn squash is new to me, but It was really good! 
 photo 1D71_6380web_zps28aeb4a6.jpg
The Kabocha squash.. not so much
 photo 1D71_6362web_zpsef6c5adb.jpg
Below is pure raspberry puree frozen into trays so I can pop them out and add them to any mix I want..
 photo 1D71_6369-web_zpsf287f428.jpg
Below is acorn squash, apple sauce, and cinnamon. Pipes loved it!
 photo 1D71_6373web_zpsd96b3731.jpg
I have to give a shout out to Kendra on her homemade Vanilla extract.. yum! I use it so much!
 photo 1D71_6364web_zpsbf225da2.jpg
Here is how the system works... 
See that plunger thing?, well it does just what it looks like.. Plunges the food into the pouches..
 photo 1D71_6390web_zpsf01ccfad.jpg

I make a bunch of recipes, fill the pouches, then freeze them all.
Every morning I pop out 2 different flavors, and let them thaw a couple of hours, and when Piper is done with her morning nap they are thawed, and ready for me to take anywhere. We also have the spoon thingies that you can attach, but Piper does really well with us just squirting it straight into her mouth.
Oh and when a pouch is empty I rinse it thoroughly dry it, and reuse it! 
Love them!


  1. I LOVED this too! So easy and convenient!

  2. I love reviews from people I trust. Keep them coming!