Sunday, January 26, 2014


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We have the coolest wall/ground covering of ivy out in our side yard that I use often in my photos. I had the idea to take outdoor bath photos of Piper. She loves being outside, and loves baths win win.
She was the happiest baby ever!
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Pi usually only takes a 45 minute nap in the afternoon, so while Chloe is still asleep, sometimes we head outside to snap a few shots.. This was shot on the outer brick wall of our fireplace.
 photo D71_4140-web_zps4c286126.jpg
little Miss Jamima
 photo D71_4145-web_zpsaeb77093.jpg
She kept sucking the bubbles
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 This shot is my favorite. It looks like she is saying "gasp.. I'm bathing ma, no pictures"
 photo D71_4148-web_zps0db53a9a.jpg
Baby Jane is not a thumb sucker, but she really likes sucking the bubbles off of her hand. I thought it was cute getting the quintessential baby thumb suck photo.
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  1. You have such beautiful girls! And you need to be a professional photographer. Seriously!