Sunday, January 26, 2014

Snow bunnies

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Chloe had a wonderful time in Idaho this year. She loved seeing cousins, and playing non stop. I think she likes the idea of the snow, but wasn't fond of the cold. 
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It was so gorgeous. A few of the days we were in Idaho there was frost and icicles on every branch, and bush in Idaho Falls, and I couldn't pass up the chance to get pictures it was magical. So we pulled over in an impromptu shoot.
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My California girl was freezing, and ready to get back into the car the moment we stepped out.
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Catching snowflakes on her tongue.
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I love the snowflakes in her hair.
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Snapped only a couple of pictures of little Janie
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My little Jane was a champ in the snow.. until she realized that sticking her hand in snow can be painful, and then she was done.
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We found some gorgeous barns for me to practice using my new lens..
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We didn't have the right attire though.. flats and snow don't mesh.
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  1. So cold! The barns are really cool looking--BUT, meaningless without Honey Bunny!