Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sister love

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I used to pray every night for a sister. I had two older brothers, and would have loved to have a sister close to my age to play with. These two do pretty well with each other. Piper tolerates a lot, and Chloe can be so sweet to Piper, but sometimes her hugs turn into inadvertent head-locks! 
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Chloe and Piper are now sharing a room, and Chloe is doing very well. Piper still cries a lot in the night, but Chloe sleeps right through it.
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Chloe doesn't like sharing her things with Piper, and now that Piper can do things it's hard for Chloe.
Chloe is often heard saying " Piper can't do that!" meaning don't let her do that. Only I can do that. All in all these two are sweet. I'm so lucky to have two little girls.
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