Thursday, January 16, 2014

Coral hat

 photo D71_2376_zpse77ce47b.jpg
A couple of months ago I took a few photos of Piper. I can't decide which expressions I liked better, so I went with them all. 
 photo D71_2378_zps80770d02.jpg

 photo D71_2374_zpscf629ec0.jpg

 photo D71_2371_zpsa3b3ac58.jpg
Bright eyes
 photo D71_2368_zps5fa50836.jpg
Blue steel.
 photo D71_2348_zps041f9d13.jpg
 photo D71_2365_zps84fd3443.jpg

 photo D71_2335_zpsfda21f76.jpg

 photo D71_2295_zpsdd6cad4a.jpg

 photo D71_2298_zps00e83ca5.jpg
When she is interested in something she gets so focused that it's hard to get her attention.
 photo D71_2270_zps1483730d.jpg
She is mesmerized by jewelry.
 photo D71_2267_zpsacc6d475.jpg

 photo D71_2319_zps3422645d.jpg

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  1. Pipes is so good about letting you take her picture. I love all her expressions too!