Monday, December 3, 2012

Handmade Aden and Anais swaddlers

I have been in love with the A and A blankets as soon as they came out! Chloe was a summer baby and could have used some of these handy muslin swaddlers. I used to feel so bad to have to nurse her when it was so hot out. Her little head would get so sweaty under a regular receiving/waffle blanket. We would both be beet red when she was done. 
They came out with these after chloe was about a year old and by then she was through with her receiving blankets/swaddling. I am so excited that new baby girl will get to use these gems. I am so excited to get to  dress up and make things for this little girl! So I went  online and did tons of research to find a similar cotton muslin to make her some mommy made blankets.. I found this fabric in white and dyed it coral and hand stamped some light aqua birds on.

There were bumps along the way..
It looks like a murder took place in our living room..Yep that's an entire bottle of red Rit dye. 
Never turn your back even for a second when you have an active curious toddler. Lesson learned.
also when dying fabric soak it in water before dying, or you will end up with a slight tie dye effect.
I picked up some fabric paint and stamps and hand stamped the fabric.
These owls were so cute and girly. I love them, 
Regardless of the bumps in the road..
 I think they turned out pretty cute for a DIY project!. 


  1. So adorable! You are so creative. I have never heard of those blankets before. If you are around Wednesday afternoon, I would like to stop by.

  2. You are so talented! Those are SO cute! Love the coral color you made and that you hand stamped them! Awesome.