Thursday, May 22, 2014

Piper Jane month 11

  • You have 4 teeth all on the bottom Your two front top teeth are coming in and you have three molars already!
  • You are getting chunky
  •  photo 1-1045-highkey2web_zps648d933e.jpg

  • You have been going to bed around 7-715
  • You still take a morning nap from 9-10 then an afternoon nap for about an hour
  • You Crawl, but can still stay where I put you. 

  •  photo -PiperJane11months_zpsb1f963cc.jpg

  • You pull everything off of the shelves
  • You like your toys.
  • I can put you outside to play with Chloe and you will stay where I put you.

  •  photo 1-008-pcweb_zpsc7b35f07.jpg

  • You climb stairs.
  • You love the water table
  • You are becoming a little more indipendant.

  •  photo 1-028-web_zps9dd71d6e.jpg

  • You communicate very well what you want.
  • You love avacados

  •  photo 1-013-pcweb_zps395f1cac.jpg

  • You smack your lips and grunt for food.
  • You blow kisses, and give open mouth kisses when asked.

  •  photo -Piper11mo_zpsdba27959.jpg

  • You point and hold it at people in public when you want them to come talk to you.
  • You flirt with older men often!
  • Your favorite food is mac and cheese.

  • I had no idea you were working on molars until I saw them already through!! You get a runny nose, light fever and wine a lot when you teeth.
  • You don't take crap from your sister. Your reaction to her in your space is to instantly yell.

  •  photo 1April2014064web_zpsb8a48958.jpg  photo 1April2014065-web_zps0c5572ed.jpg
     photo 1April2014089web_zps985e80e7.jpg

  • You often make a funny noise that sounds like gu gu gu gu gu gu gah! Gu gu gu gu GaH!
  • You go through about three outfits a day.

  •  photo 1-115-web_zps1ecc35fc.jpg

  • Your feet have a chunky bump on the top, and you curl your toes in. Not all shoes fit well.
  • I bought you your first pair of sevens.
  •  photo 1-109-bwweb_zpsace4c00c.jpg

    • You can walk holding on to someones hands.
    • You push your walker toys around and "walk" around the house.

     photo 1-094-web_zpseed1f574.jpg
    You have really progressed so much in the past month! You are really starting to get big! We just adore every thing about you!

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