Monday, May 26, 2014

Matching Sisters

I never thought I would love dressing my girls up coordinating or matching so much,
But I do! 
Chloe really likes it, and it's kinda fun!
These outfits are one of the little sewing projests I made for them a few months back when I was in a sewing mood.
I kept seeing the cutest stuff on Etsy, but didn't want to pay their prices.
So I taught myself how to read a pattern, and made a few things for the girls.
 photo 1May2014019-web_zps72330188.jpg  photo 1May2014055-web_zpsaccf774e.jpg

Blowing kisses
 photo 1May2014044-web_zps5ecba2a1.jpg  photo 1May2014023-web_zpsb0c14693.jpg  photo 1May2014015-web_zps15e08af6.jpg

I love ruffles! I even went out and bought a ruffle foot for my sewing machine. It takes so much time to ruffle, and now hopefully it will be easier :)  photo 1May2014012-web_zps83c021c3.jpg

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