Friday, May 30, 2014

Piper Jane turns ONE

This year for Little Piper Jane's first birthday I decided on a rose gold theme.
I started looking for anything rose gold I could find, but it proved to be very difficult.
So I went with a rose and gold theme.
 photo 1May2014035-_zps064ff60c.jpg

It was a very simple birthday, as should be for a one year old.
 photo Piper1_zps683089d8.jpg

Pepper- You let everyone hold you, but you preferred your Grams much of the time.
 photo Pipersparty_zpsceb9a25e.jpg
I had to put Piper Jane in the same dress and the same location her big sister wore it on her 1st birthday three years ago.
 photo Chloandpiper1_zpsd858f532.jpg
Her own little cake
 photo 1May2014102-_zps46121ef3.jpg

We had family over, Barbecued and ate cake. Her birthday snuck up on me so quick that I didn't do all I wanted for her party, but turning one is so low key anyhow. Piper must have liked the feeling of frosting on her scalp. She kept painting herself with it. When she was all done she started to cry and then we realized she was so thirsty from all that sugar! Poor baby :( photo Piperssmashcake_zps6a386832.jpg
She dove right in with her face.. photo cakepiper_zps7f5a9e13.png
I can't believe how much growth has occurred lately.
Lots of new teeth, lots of new words. Lots of signing.
Little Piper you are really communicating so well!

 photo Piperturns1_zpsc7db18d4.jpg
We changed you out of your frosting covered mess, and into your birthday bloomers.
 photo birthdaybloomers_zps20e27b4e.jpg
You enjoyed your company, and loved the attention. 

 photo rosegold_zpsf06d4b1b.jpg
You opened your presents like a big girl! You loved getting your baby doll. She looks just like you!
 photo presents_zps40d4085f.jpg

Thank you thank you to my family who made her day so special
 photo one_zpse8fb38f1.jpg
 photo pipesdecorations_zps6d19d4be.jpg
I just can't believe that you are ONE!! You are so sweet my little doll.
 photo Pipierose_zps01c9fd39.jpg

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  1. Looks like such a beautiful party! Your "low-key" is my all out! I could never pull off all those beautiful decorations! I love all Piper's sweet clothes. :) You are such a great mama!