Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Piper Jane Month 12

This month you have grown more than the last four months combined!! You amaze me. I love love Love your personality!!! You are amazingly smart, responsive, alert, aware, funny, and so so sweet. I am literally in awe of you all of the time. I could never ever ask for a sweeter baby.
  • You can now say bye-bye
  • night-night
  • chicken
  • bottle
  • dog
  • caca
  • bum bum
  • Ginger (in syllables)
  • Chloe (kinda)
  • mama
  • dada
  • dah-die (daddy) I like to think it sounds like the queen's english.
  • Mama said faster than regular mama (grandma)
 photo 1smash_zpse8bc4359.jpg

 photo 1smashcakeP_zps2dce7c0d.jpg

 photo 1May2014033-_1_zpsb70f0bfa.jpg Your signing has taken off! Just like Chloe you pick up signing well. You now sign the following-
  • Bath
  • more
  • food
  • please
  • milk
  • baby
  • all done

 photo 1May2014116-_zps9db61bdc.jpg

 photo -Pipersmash_zps04cb71de.jpg

 photo Psmash_zps1d14be25.jpg

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps5a6dccf0.jpg

 photo Pipcollage_zps208ab556.jpg  photo 1May2014088-_1_zps89e25f25.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollagepip_zps53e58fc9.jpg  photo 1May2014025-_1_zps51f775c8.jpg
You walk holding onto things. You can stand alone, and will take one step all by yourself from time to time. (update- you took your first real steps at church yesterday June 15th) You love to point at what you want. You want everything that Chloe has esp food/gum etc. You will point at your chest, then at someone else to let them know "you" want "them".
Honestly I couldn't be more in love or proud of you. I want a million of you!!!


  1. So I just figured out I have been "commenting" on your blog the past few months or so and they never actually post! WHAT the HECK?! So I'm trying out a new browser and using Safari to see if this works. Anyway, great pics of sweet Piper Jane! Looks like she had a BLAST with that cake! haha. In some of those pictures she looks so much like Chloe! Beautiful girls!!!!

  2. It looks like it's working! What the heck, I'm so confused why it wasn't working in Chrome. Weeeeird! Okay sorry for this double commenting randomness