Monday, July 7, 2014

Last Day Of 3's Preschool

May 29th was Miss Chloe's last day of preschool for the 3's class @ Walnut Creek Presbyterian. Click HERE to see her first day. She has grown more in the last nine months than I could have ever imagined! She has learned so many things like spelling her name, her letters, her shapes etc. Also great social skills like taking her turn, lining up, sharing (still working on this at home)
 photo 1May2014027-_zpsce607277.jpg

The nine month change... First day and Last day
 photo -Firstandlastdayofpreschool_zpsf345dd0f.jpg

 photo 1May2014050-_zps94c6616f.jpg
She went every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-12, and never missed a day.
Chloe was in classroom 2 with "Teacher Dunaway" and "Teacher Coster" photo 1May2014045-_zps0ec6d2f2.jpg  photo 1May2014055-_zps0fdaf97b.jpg
Chloe has made some very good friends, and her very first crush, Colin
 (I wish I had taken a picture of the two of them) 
She has great taste may I add.
 photo 1May2014067-_zps7c957bcd.jpg

 photo 1May2014072-_zps24285b50.jpg
 photo preschoolfriends_zpsba354895.jpg

 photo 1May2014057-_zpsf10d6bfc.jpg
Every other month or so the parents got to watch the class preform in the sanctuary.
She would sing "thank you lord for making me" "He's got the whole world in his hands" etc. The pastor would pray and everyone would repeat his prayer. Chloe loved it!

 photo 1May2014033-_zps7be0aaf1.jpg

We both love her teachers, and can't wait to have them again for the 4's preschool class.

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