Monday, July 28, 2014

Big Sur

Over memorial day weekend Adam's parents came down from Idaho to visit. We went to Big Sur to check it out.
 Adam collects sand from vacations we go on. He heard about "purple sand beach" at Pfeiffer beach and had to have some.
 On our way there we stopped for ice cream and stayed at river Inn lounge creek I had to take a few pictures. The River Inn puts these cute wooden chairs and benches in their river and you can go sit in them and soak up the gorgeous scenery.
 photo 1May2014132_zps385b7172.jpg

 photo 1PicMonkeyCollage-_zps650a3620.jpg
 photo 1PicMonkeyCollage_zpsfb011447.jpg
 photo 1May2014217-_zpsb1ac8d86.jpg
 photo 1May2014249_zps498f58a0.jpg  photo 1May2014183_zpsbb9f82f7.jpg  photo 1May2014243-_zps5289e527.jpg
 photo 1May2014336-_zps61995989.jpg

 photo 1May2014420-_zps56f6728d.jpg  photo 1May2014406_zps43fe2d80.jpg

Purple sand beach was chilly and we only lasted about an hour before the wind was too strong for us to handle. It was a beautiful beach, and Adam got his prize.
 photo 1May2014199-_zpsbb26702c.jpg  photo 1May2014222_zps57d06fa1.jpg

 photo 1May2014506_1-_zpsacdf9a4b.jpg  photo May2014367_1_zps0f764236.jpg
 photo May2014361_1_zps185746a3.jpg
 photo 1May2014508-_zps105dcd56.jpg  photo 1May2014480-_zps91802039.jpg  photo 1May2014468-_zpsfc4a40a4.jpg
Did a lot of shopping. The girls loved their grandma and grandpa Baird time. Chloe and Piper received tons of tickles and lots of love. We had such a great time with the Bairds!

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