Monday, May 5, 2014

Piper Jane month 10

Sweet Piper Jane. I almost missed your ten month update!
 photo 1April2014036-web_zps22e5666d.jpg
  • You now have three teeth
  • You are someday going to kill me for this next photo, but to document.. You had double ear infections and an eye infection all at once this month...
  •  photo 1-066-_zps42aee600.jpg
You started crawling! 

 photo 1April2014080-bwweb_zps4422c046.jpg

  • You stand up in your crib bouncing and and shouting "Mama mama!" or Da-yee! while you are supposed to be sleeping.

  •  photo 1April2014082-pcweb_zpsb53adebf.jpg
    You now go to bed at 6:50

  • You weigh about 19 lbs.
  • You want anything that Chloe has

  •  photo 1April2014087-pcweb_zpsdcf6ff13.jpg

  • You stand up holding onto things,and on occasion you do it by your self.. if you don't realize that someone took their hands away.
  • You point at what you want.

  •  photo 1April2014089-bwweb_zps7878ea62.jpg

  • You give hugs, and let me cuddle you for a few seconds at a time
  • You pop your lips when you want food

  •  photo 1April2014072-pc2web_zpsb2855dc7.jpg

    • You love to hear yourself
     photo 1April2014068-pcweb_zps45e8c3ec.jpg

    • You have curly hair
     photo 1April2014075-web_zpsf4480432.jpg
    • Your hair is still strawberry blonde, but looks like it's going to be blonde

     photo 1April2014069-web_zps7b40067f.jpg

     photo 1April2014065-scbwweb_zpsecc1d1f7.jpg

     photo 1April2014062-pcweb_zps76b8a605.jpg
    • You love the swing
     photo 1March2014261-pcweb_zps6e7c7f3b.jpg

     photo 1March2014263-pcweb_zps9739eeda.jpg 
     photo 1March2014176-pcweb_zps12262a2f.jpg

    We love you so much!!

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