Saturday, September 3, 2011

14 months

Since I started blogging I don't write in your baby journal as much, so I really should keep my update posts up so I have things documented.. I'll do better.. 
These pictures were taken within a couple of seconds of eachother.. you keep me busy!
I just can't believe how you've grown little lady. These days you are all over the place. You had only two teeth for six months and now you poped out four new ones! You are quick and very curious these days. You love to draw, read with daddy. you recently learned to drink from a straw, and give kisses.  
 Your hair just started growing.. finally!
 You LOVE the phone and always want it when i am on a call. You put it up to your little ear and wait to hear something.
 You are on a sweet kick lately and won't eat anything that is green. That won't work for me, so I will find ways my dear...

You are getting sooo big, but you are still not walking. Soon I believe. Dont rush take your time.. Please? I love you VERY much and enjoy you so. Xoxo

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