Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good bones

Picked up this rocker/glider and ottoman @ an Estate sale on Friday. I thought it had "good bones". It isn't a matching set, but after I got my hands on it you wouldn't know it.

 I sanded, painted, sewed and tufted and now I love it! :)
I'm thinking of making a throw pillow to go with it.

I should have snapped down the tabs on the back pillow oh well you get the idea.


  1. LOVE IT. Did you sand it first? What paint did you use? I need to do a dresser I have that color!

  2. Thanks Cassie! Yes I sanded it then primed it and I used spray paint, because it gives a more "store bought look" in Ivory.

  3. My aunt got those jammies in Pakistan for Blair and for my cousin Sofia. Lukas had some too but his were stripes. However, both my kids grew out of them and I was so sad! Then along came Sofia's hand me down jammies that matched the ones that Blair grew out of.