Monday, September 16, 2013

Donut holes

What better way to ring in the new school year that donut holes? 
 photo DSC_4566_zps1219e43a.jpg
Found a recipe and made them.. They are soooo good.
 Close to krispy Kreme.
 photo DSC_4576_zps3a60fde2.jpg
This lil' chick was a fan!
 photo DSC_4572_zps2c8c53e0.jpg  photo DSC_4585_zps93916e6b.jpg
Got milk?
 photo DSC_4593_zps23bcb56f.jpg
Oh and I'd like to introduce you to my newest love..
my green jadeite milk glass cake plates. LOVE 
 photo DSC_4573_zps914bbb72.jpg

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