Thursday, January 10, 2013


My nesting has manifested in the form of sewing and crafting, in addition to baseboard scrubbing and organizing baby-clothes . I have several crafts I'm in the middle of. All little girl baby related. I can't stop. I keep on going on Pinterest looking for more ideas that I want to try! My nights/nap times are not complete without a cleaning job, or a baby project to do. Here is a list of the things I want make in the next 4 months...
  1. car seat canopy (another one so I have options)
  2. new hair clips.. yes more!
  3. new bibs
  4. new burp cloths
  5. quilt
  6. window valances
  7. crib ruffle
  8. diaper bag
  9. Matching pillow case dresses for the girls
  10. wipe case (2 done)
  11. Diaper pouch (done)
  12. necklaces/bracelets
  13. car bag (for toys and paci)
  14. new hooter hider 
Here is the Car seat Canopy I made for her. It's reversible, but I haven't put straps on the yellow side yet.

I added a little Paci pocket (can you tell I hope she is a paci girl like her older sister is was.)


  1. your life is so exciting my dear, chloe always looks so dang cute and her outfits....i wanna wear them. and love your car seat cover. you should start opening your etsy shoppe. and those bows, i wanna come over right now and learn how to make them. hope your pregnancy is going well and your feeling great. miss you.