Thursday, December 26, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree

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We took our girls out looking at Christmas trees this year, but did not buy one, because we knew we would be gone most of December to Idaho. Chloe found the one she wanted, and popped down to stake her claim.. So I did what I do, and took a few shots of her little self..
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She loves her fuzzi boots, well she loves any boots. This is a boot girl here.
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Only her Daddy can make her really smile natural. She usually likes to do a "Cheeeeeese" face, but since Adam was there we got quite a few natural laughs.
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I got Chloe this vintage coat from a consignment shop a while back, and I love it. If you haven't noticed I have a thing with certain eras and vintage things.
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Adam's family grew up watching musicals. I think they have seen every musical out there, both in movie form, and in theater. I had never even seen a real show that I can think of (besides the nutcracker) before Adam and I started dating, but then he started taking me to a few shows on Broadway every time we went to New York, and I am starting to like them..
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This week I saw Annie, and I loved it. Yep that's right I have never seen Annie before. I Love the clothes the little girls wore in the late 30's. The short dresses with collars, with mary janes, and lace socks. So cute!
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Oh and I sat little Miss Baby Jane by Chloe for a split second to grab a shot of her by her sister's tree..
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She decided to eat the tree..
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