Friday, December 13, 2013

The anatomy of a tear..

 photo DSC_0176-_zps781c802b.jpg
See the sand in her hair from playing? haha.
You are about to view raw emotion caught by me in picture form.. 
the anatomy of a three year old's breakdown.
 photo DSC_0169-_zpsd0eb86d6.jpg
First- sad puppy eyes looking to mom for comfort, and understanding..
 photo DSC_0167-_zps746ac5bd.jpg
Then when she gets attention and confirmation that she has indeed been wronged.. in flows the tears, and whaling..
 photo DSC_0165-_zpsc2f57c7a.jpg
Is it wrong that I love the welling up of tears in her eyes? Real emotion in outward form.
 photo DSC_0163-_zps69c4ca37.jpg
The calm down..
 photo DSC_0161-_zpsb987a1ad.jpg
Sweet sad girl :( A few hugs and wiping away of the tears..
 photo DSC_0127-_zpsfb3db1e5.jpg

 photo DSC_0121-_zps39f1e257.jpg

 photo DSC_0125-_zpsbb3ba464.jpg

And just a minute later she is okay, and back to playing in the sand.
Ah the rollercoaster of raising sensitive girls!