Sunday, December 6, 2015

Penelope Mae month 8

(Okay this is a post I was working on a couple of months ago, but never finished, I'm so far behind!!)

My sweet little teeny Penelope you are 37 weeks, and five days old today. That is 8.7 months old! I just cannot believe it!!

Penelope got her first tooth on my birthday! She was 8 months and 6 days old, and it completely shocked me!! I couldn't believe it! She is sooooo teeny and because she doesn't eat by mouth I figured her body would send a signal to her brain that she didn't need these teeth just yet.. I was wrong! Her little bottom left tooth is through, and I believe the bottom right will follow shortly.

Penelope has changed dramatically in the past month. She is now sitting up as of 2 weeks ago (8 months and a few days old )

She is not sleeping as well as she used to. She sleeps from 7pm-5am Her nap in the morning is between 1-1.5 hours and her afternoon nap is now is anywhere from 45 minutes - 1.5 hours. Where did my amazing sleeper go!! The hardest for me is that she gets up at 5am ready for the day!! Eek!

She says Mamma, and when she cries she cries out "Mamma" because she knows I will rescue her. She makes the sound Na na na also.

Another new thing about Penelope is that she has stopped playing on her own lately. She only wants to be carried and held.
She will grab at everything, and loves  to grab your plate of food from you. She plays with food with her hands, and loves a lick of her sister's lollipops.

Penelope got a bug last month, and was unable to keep much down. Because she is so little I called her GI dr to ask what I should do to help her to not lose weight. She advised me to take out all of the additives from her breast milk while she was sick, and see if she could keep it down better, so I took out her Enfacare calorie additive and watched and waited..She got well soon after and then.. well something miraculous happened.. She stopped dry heaving, and throwing up.. as in Never did again! I then realized that she has a major intolerance to the formula additive I was putting in the breast milk! All of her 8 months we have battled her vomiting, and now just like that it's gone! We hope she will gain a little better from here on out!
Grow baby grow!!

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