Thursday, December 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

this post is laaaaaate! but i'll make it short and sweet. The girls had a blast this year! It was really hot this Halloween and the girls didn't want to wear their warm Halloween costumes, so we went with some oldies from the Halloween bid in the basement.

The girls went to Chloe's school party, ward party, downtown trick or treating, and had a blast!
 photo 1D71_3957-_zpskhqighdp.jpg  photo 1D71_3953-_zpsncr7tdjv.jpg  photo 1D71_3945-_zpszr98bktt.jpg  photo 1D71_3942-_zpsscz0ufqb.jpg  photo 1D71_3939-_zpsvsomsxjy.jpg  photo 1D71_3937-_zpsqxe4l8u5.jpg  photo 1D71_3928-_zpsqi2wjdwz.jpg  photo 1D71_3921-_zpsir3wk2lb.jpg
 photo 1D71_4182-_zpsj7icpjzl.jpg

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