Sunday, December 6, 2015

Penelope Mae month 10

Penelope mae is ten months old! All I can think is that in less than two months she will be a year old!! I have never felt so in denial with any of my babies before. I see her as muuuch younger, in part due to her teeeeeny self!
 photo 1penella_zpsrqjd9s3c.jpg

Penelope is 12lbs 9 ounces at ten months 15 days old (today)!! She has still never been on the charts.
We noticed that Penelope stopped getting any taller about 2 months or so ago. She is roughly the same height as when she was 6 months old, and some, but not much heavier than then.
Penelope still fits into 3-6 month old clothing. She has worn the same 3-6 month outfits for 5 months! I am getting tired of the same stuff, but I don't buy any more of this size, because I keep thinking that any day now she will grow into her 6 month stuff. 

 photo 1penelope-_zpsezajl93e.jpg
Penelope started putting things into her mouth to taste/ gum them about a month ago (9 months) she doesn't eat much of it, but clearly enjoys it some. Total a day she probably takes less than an ounce in a 24 hour period by mouth. The rest is all by feeding tube. 

 photo 1penelope_zpsp8l7iq2p.jpg
 photo 1D71_3290-bw_zps5vsobsmh.jpg
Penelope used to be the most amazing sleeper EVER!!! Now she's just Okay..She goes down for the night at 7pm. She now wakes between 6-645 and goes back down for her morning nap at roughly 9 depending on when she wakes. (we try to go down 2-2.5 hours after wake time) She usually sleeps about an hour and 20 minutes in the morning. Then she goes back down for her second nap at about 1pm, and sleeps for about an hour. I time Piper and Penelope's naps in the afternoon, so I can get some down time. 

 photo 1pmae_zpsyspoflt6.jpg
  • Penelope can wave bye bye.
  • She says Mama Dada and night night (Ni Ni)
  • She rarely does anything on que
  • She is hard to get to smile. She almost never smiles at strangers, even when they try really hard!
  • She likes being held, and has started letting us know what she likes and doesn't with a shreek and flapping arms.
  • She likes tickles and rapberries.
  • She loves suckers, and anytime her sisters have one, she will shreek and flap until someone gets her one.
  •  photo 1penn_zpsqhhdfq4j.jpg
  • She sits up, and pivots. she can hold her self up on a hands and knees position, but not for long. She doesnt try to do any getting around
  • She never bares weight on her feet/legs
  • Not a fan of hats, or headbands.. Not that that stops me!
  • She loves my phone, and watching youtube
  • Her indipendent play is not as great as it used to be. She wants to be carried a ton.
  • She grabs for everything!
  • She is still tightly swaddled to sleep.
  • She sleeps on her side, and back.
  • She usually stays asleep through the night.
  • She has two bottom teeth.
  •  photo 1pelel_zpsd0wr64vg.jpg  photo 1penn--_zpsfzyzrsza.jpg
  • Still very flexible.
  • Her nick names so far are Nella, Penela Pony, Nellsie, Poo-nella-pee, Baby P, Penn, Vanillape  never Penny. She is not a Penny to me. 
  • She is in a size 2 diaper (with room)
  • Her foot size is a size 1
  • She is 25 inches tall
 photo 1D71_3828-edited_zpsiqximda4.jpg
I am so in love with her that often times I try to get her attention, or make her smile, and she sees me (I know you do!!) but she ignores me and tries to look at something else. She will holler out her pterodactyl screech when she doesn't want me to bother her. Speaking of her being bothered. Chloe just adores her! She is so good with baby P! It is so sweet. They have always had a great bond. Somethimes Chloe will carry her around too much or be in her face just a tad much, and Penelope has no problem telling her off. She has found her voice to let us know her likes and dislikes!

Penelope has a natural pout/ duck lip look. We think it's cute! She has always had swollen looking top gums, and when people see her they exclaim that her top teeth are coming in, although they are not. She has pretty curled dark eyelashes, and blue eyes.

We just adore our Penelope mae! 

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