Sunday, January 12, 2014

Randoms of Piper

Just going through older pictures, and thought I would throw these up so I can reference back.
I think these next two pictures were the first pictures I took with my new camera.
Baby Piper relaxing n a blanket at the park while the youth in our church played volleyball.
This was October I believe..

 photo DSC_0057-_zpse51bac73.jpg

 photo DSC_0081-_zpsc06a655f.jpg
I love squishy lip babies. These were taken in October
 photo D71_1384-web_zpsb2e6697e.jpg

 photo D71_1392-web_zpsdb57e5fd.jpg

 photo D71_1827-WEB_zpsaced2488.jpg
I think 90% of the pictures I have of Piper she is drooling..
 photo D71_1406-web_zps3e43d8c7.jpg
The only thing our dog likes about kids?
 Food. If it weren't for the girls our dog would only eat... Gasp.. dog food
 photo D71_1424-web_zpsa7c99620.jpg
Piper really loves her puppy. She likes to pull her ears and grab at her paws.
Poor Ginger,
 photo D71_1407-web_zpsb9ca40c0.jpg
Little Miss Jemima Jane. November, yep these were taken outside.. in November.
I love California!
 photo 1D71_4319-web_zpsabffde97.jpg

 photo 1D71_4306-web_zps4cf84c54.jpg

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  1. Sweet Pipes! Also--it's good to see Ging in a few pics too!