Thursday, January 2, 2014

Piper-Christmas pictures

 photo D71_3043-_zpsb5783308.jpg
I just wanted to throw these pics up of Piper that I have been taking for my 30 day challenge..which I have enjoyed doing. I think I got 28 out of 30 days checked off.
 photo D71_3012-_zps3533d82d.jpg

 photo D71_3011-_zpsd60d2a69.jpg

 photo D71_3025-_zps2ab9e482.jpg

 photo D71_3036-_zps0a3c1c14.jpg

 photo D71_3028-_zps9d373167.jpg
I'm starting my first photography class, and workshop in two weeks. I am really excited to learn.
 photo 1D71_4579-web_zps6858590a.jpg

 photo 1D71_4630web_zpsaa503730.jpg 
 photo 1D71_4582web_zps4c2af835.jpg
This look Piper is giving is a classic.
She is amused by her big sister,and likes to watch what she does.
 photo 1D71_4661-web_zps043d5c41.jpg
Chloe uses a funny baby voice when talking to Piper. Adam and I laugh every time we hear it. It kind of sounds like she is deaf. I am going to have to get that on video.
 photo D71_4670-web_zps1d19f589.jpg

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