Monday, January 13, 2014

Piper Jane month 7

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Little Miss Piper Jane just keeps getting better and better.
 Every single month is better than the last.
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  • You started saying Dada
  • You eat breakfast lunch and dinner.
  • You like food pouches squirted straight into your mouth
  • You prefer finger foods, and do a good job of using your fingers to grab
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  • You scratch faces, and pull hair ( you don't do it to be mean of course)
  • You still wake at night @ 10ish, 2ish, and 5ish. You are awake by 7 for the day
  • You nurse every 3 hours in the day.You still don't enjoy nursing. You get 3 bottles a day. photo 1D71_6291-web_zps2668c7cc.jpg
  • You smile anytime you are smiled at.
  • You don't like headbands or hats.
  • You love to "talk" and make noises all day.
  • Your peach blonde hair is growing!! I think it may be wavy photo 1D71_6295-web_zpsa788ea5b.jpg
  •  You are still cloth diapered.
  • You have strong ab muscles, and can do sit ups when trying to get up.
  • You don't have too much interest in being mobile (Thank goodness!) photo 1D71_6344-web_zps1e18f33e.jpg
 photo 1D71_6313-web_zpsb6fcefac.jpg

  •  You love your paci
  • You put everything in your mouth still.
  • We moved you to your crib, but haven't had luck yet, and you end up back in your bassinet.

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     photo 1D71_6316-web_zpsabab1f0f.jpg

    • No teeth yet
    • You look for me in a room no matter who holds you.
    • You have never had stranger danger.
    Honestly I could sing your praises all day long.
     I adore you.
    Of course I think you are the sweetest prettiest baby in the world I am beyond lucky to have you.

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    1. What happened to all the cute Piper pics that were here?