Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween 2013

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Chloe was a few things this year. first she was a Pikachu. then a dragon, then a princess,and finally a care bear. She had so much fun at all of the parties, and trick or treating. Here are a few pictures of her at one of the patches we took her to.
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Whats with this girl, and chickens? She loves to follow them around and try to pet them.
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Grandma " Grams" Piper and Chloe checking out their animal area.
Pretend you don't see crack :)
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None of these pictures turned out so good. The sun was blazing bright and the pictures took at hit.
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Piper has the cutest little lizard tongue. I'm glad I captured one of her little things she does.
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Piper was a flower, a lion, a pumpkin, and a lady bug
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I didn't happen to get Chloe's costumes on my camera, just on my phone. I'll have to upload them later..
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Happy Halloween!

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