Thursday, November 7, 2013


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This little girl is a thinker.
 It's so fun to be able to catch her idiosyncrasies in a picture.
I love the way she studies an object to the point of becoming cross eyed...
and then it happens.. That object must enter her mouth.
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We have officially hit the phase when everything goes into the mouth..
Why is it that babies feel and learn things through their mouths?
Now I will need to watch her like a hawk!  
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I love to see her learn and grow
 photo D71_1908-web_zps208c9fcf.jpg
And at the same time I get so sad that she is growing up so fast.
I want her to stay little forever, to cuddle her, nurse her,
kiss all over her face and squeeze her.
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I'm loving the fall colors. The leafs are so pretty. I hope to get some family pictures taken soon.
It will be the first family of four pictures that we have! 
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Love my little 5 month old baby so much!

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  1. We should all look at the world through Piper's wondrous eyes!