Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My girls

Although I had major worries about these two and how they would get along, somehow it's been nothing like I thought. Instead of Chloe trying to attack or harm the baby she has been very sweet. She loves her "baby diaper".
 photo DSC_3221-2_zps6f7bbe16.jpg
Chloe tries often to comfort her sister. She doesn't "over help" or get jealous of her like I thought she might. She is a great older sister and I feel really lucky that so far we don't have any issues with the pair.
 photo DSC_3205-2_zpsc6dc14d7.jpg
Chloe loves to try to get the baby to smile. Piper isn't that into Chloe yet. She prefers me all most of the time.
 photo DSC_3202-2_zpse21d65a9.jpg
I like the look on Piper's face in this next picture. I can picture her saying " Uh mom this little person is holding me!"
 photo DSC_3206-2_zpsb385baac.jpg

 photo DSC_3216-_zps4f405b2d.jpg
Pie was done after a minute.. Love these girls!


  1. They are so cute together! Love those facial expressions!

  2. When my second child was born there weren't a lot of jealousy issues in the beginning. It came at about 7-8 mons when my baby started hitting milestones and was getting lots of pictures and there was lots of excitement over new skills.