Monday, August 12, 2013

Silly Chloe

This little girl is a "free spirit" so much energy, and sas. Hard to keep up with, into everything, mischievous, and one of the most naturally funny people I know.. photo DSC_3111_zpsd68520ad.jpg
Chloe loves her boots. She will wear them with anything.. Bathings suits included. I suppose it's a good idea since she did step on a bee and got stung two days in a row..
 photo DSC_3113_zps20c36ce6.jpg

 photo DSC_3136_zps03f3fe61.jpg
See that mischievous face? She's about to splash me with with water.. 
 photo DSC_3172_zps20d82bb9.jpg
Chloe- "Gotta keep those boots near by so the bees don't bite me!"
 photo DSC_3178_zps4bc9f46a.jpg
As difficult as raising a three year old is.. This smile makes it all worth it. Love my girls!!
 photo DSC_3191_zps7ed1402e.jpg


  1. Love these pictures! She is so cute!

  2. Chloe IS so funny! I love it when she gets all excited--she just beams! It is so neat to see the contrast in the girls' personalities. I SO look forward to watching Piper blossom as she continues to grow!