Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lime Ridge

We decided to take our weeny dog Ginger up to Lime ridge for a walk. Poor thing is over weight, and could use the exercise. We invited my mom and sister to bring their weenies also. I took my camera just in case there was a good moment. Chloe wasn't having it though. She kept saying "No picture no!".
DSC_1145 heartland
We tried playing with her to get her in a better mood, but as you can see on her face she just wasn't into it.
DSC_1125 sunshine
She just wanted to cuddle her daddy. He always makes her feel better.

After a few "Mommy go homes" She warmed up and we were able to take a few decent shots..


She loves her "baby diaper" and is always willing to give my tummy plenty of kisses.

I don't have many pictures of myself this pregnancy, because I am usually behind the camera, and also  I don't usually like pictures of myself when I am pregnant because it doesn't translate well in a picture. I usually just look big and not pregnant. but Adam took over while I coaxed the girl to participate.


DSC_1185- 70's
Our silly little girly girl who loves dirt, mud, puddles, rocks, sand, and bugs.
DSC_1140 b&w
She found a friend her size to hug. She is a great hugger after all.

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