Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dinosaur hill

Last weekend we took Chloe to "dinosaur hill" to take a few pictures. She was such a good girl for us. She is addicted to bubblegum and will do anything for it. So we bribed her with bubblegum and that helped.

Our little girl has so much personality. It's so fun to be able to capture her different expressions. I just want to soak her in while she is an only child. Chloe demands requires a lot of attention, and I worry how I will be able to divide my time between a toddler and a new born. She can be a little aggressive and jealous when other people occupy my time, so lets just hope that she doesn't kill her little sister. Her little sister will have to be very tough.
Chloe has been doing so well for a long time. Then about two weeks ago she started to go through another phase of pushing and pulling hair. I take her to the gym daycare just about everyday, and lately I only get a ten minute workout before they come get me to take her home because she has drawn blood in one way or another.
Chloe has a lot of attitude in her personality, and we are trying to teach her to be kind, and polite, but bossy things just come out of her mouth like "Go away mommy" and "Don't want to" All of the time. And still she can be very very sweet. Dealing out kisses and hugs all of the time. 
Dinosaur park
Chloe insisted on wearing all four of her My little Pony bracelets. She is really into Care Bears right now and asks to watch it all day long.
 This was my third time in manual mode. They turned out better than they had before, but I'm still working on perfecting my metering. I need to figure this all out soon so I can take pictures of my sweet little newborn also. Chloe is getting so big. She is now potty trained! Yay! I can't believe she will be three in three months!
We love love love our little girl and though it can be very tough raising children. I still feel so so grateful and filled with love and joy for them. I am so lucky that I can bring these spirits into the world and serve and love them every day. She teaches me patience and  makes me want to be a better person.


  1. What a doll! I totally get the 10 minute work out thing...Been there. Oh wait, maybe i'm still there.