Friday, March 22, 2013

Preparing for my girl

I know I have mentioned this before in a post, but nesting for me comes in a form of crafting. I love to get things all ready for little Piper Jane to come into our family. We are so excited to meet her!! I am nowhere near ready, and I only have about seven weeks left!! Things I still need to get/finish for her- 
  •  Moses basket stand and the material to make something like this..
  • Papasan swing
  • bouncy chair
  • dresser (I'm thinking something like this from sweet pickins)..

  • An Ergo carrier and infant insert.
  • Diapers!
  • Photo shoot props
  • Her quilt needs pieced
  • More clips made
  • A diaper bag
  • I need to make more bibs & burp cloths 
The list goes on and on. I did get sidetracked from baby stuff and made these envelope pillow covers.
Then I received a shipment of cheesecloth in the mail and busted out my RIT dyes, cut them up and dyed each one for newborn pictures. I went with a soft pink, a peach, and a dusty rose color. They turned out pretty close to how I had envisioned.
I can't wait to snuggle my little baby girl!!!!!!


  1. I don't know what kind of diaper bag you want but Petunia Pickle Bottom is having a big sale right now.

  2. Oh Leah, I miss you! You are so talented with all your crafting, organizing and decorating! And I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the name you chose for your darling daughter. Piper Jane! How perfect! <3 you!

    1. Sarah! I miss you! Your little girl is getting soooooo big! She is darling!! Wish we still lived close :(