Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cousin love

Little Arabella and Chloe.
The cutest of cousins.
6 months apart
These cuties are so fun to capture.
Arabella is much easier to photograph that my own. But candy bribes work wonders on this girl.
All I had to do was tell Arabella to smile and she would sit still and look as happy as she could. Coco kept running to us for the Candy she was promised :)

I love this one of the girls holding hands.. so sweet. Bella looks so adorable in her tutu!

laughing right now while putting this one on the blog. I love how Bella is holding Chloe's face for the kiss..
Come on I'll take you ..
Gotta love those dimples!!
Naughty Chloe running away while we were trying to get a good picture of the girls.
Candid is really all that I can manage with such a busy girlie. Maybe in a few months she will be easier to direct. But for now I kinda like the candid ones :)


  1. Beautiful pics! I actually prefer candid photos. They show real life. :) And yes, I totally want you to do our family! But first things first, I really need a haircut. ;) Are you still cutting hair these days? If so, is there a time next week or the week after that would work for you? And then we could talk about a day/time to do photos. I am so excited!!!

    1. I would love to do your hair and catch up! I am available between 3-430 most days, if that works for you! I have the flu/virus right now so lets try for next week when I'm sure I'll be over it. Text me and let me know which day/s are good for you!

    2. Will do! Thanks. :) Hope you feel better soon.