Thursday, October 4, 2012

Busy! Busy!

My little girl is SO busy! I can't believe how quick she is too! I turn around to put dinner in the oven, clothes in the drier.. and come back to find all sorts of things!
A baby in a puddle of Melaleuca oil,
lotion dumped out ALL over the floor,
3 nail polish incidents,
A few dug out scented candles,
The entire box of Cheerios on the floor,
10 plant starters dumped out and in her mouth,
dumped out shampoo,
Spilled milk gallon,
The entire box of spilled oats,
Couch art (with sharpie)
Computer screen art (sharpie also)
sewing pins scattered through the carpet,
Candle oil dumped on body and drank,
a few perfume bottles emptied (sprayed empty)

and I know what you are thinking.. I must not watch her.. thats not the case! she's just so quick!!
These were from a little while back. I lost the camera I take video with for a while, now that I found it I'm sure I will capure more incidents.

I so wish I could capture more of these disastrous moments on film for proof!
Actually I wish that that they start happening less often.

1 comment:

  1. No one thinks you don't watch her. It happens to ALL of us! We have had sharpie on the couch too. Did you get it out? Rubbing alchohal got ours out.