Thursday, March 22, 2012


Larabars and an end table
Last Friday my sister in law sent me a link of to a documentary called fat sick and nearly dead. Adam and I watched it and it gave me some motivation to step it up a notch. I don't have a juicer, and even if I did I wouldn't go this far.. but I have been seeing these blogs about unprocessed diets ( ) and have been interested. So since last Saturday I have been trying it out.. It's been hard for me! I know I have been eating poorly lately (large amounts of sugar from recipes off pinterest) So i decided to make a switch for a couple of weeks at least to broaden my recipes and possibly retrain my brain so I don't crave the crap so much. We will see..

 Today I grabbed some PB&J Larabars from the store. While driving home from running errands, Chloe and I shared one. They are pretty good and have only three ingredients in them dates, nuts, and unsweetened cherries. So I decided to make my own Laura bars.. SO easy!

  •  I made the PB&J
  •  the peanut butter chocolate
  •  and my own creation with apricots, cherries, dates, and pecans. 
 Here is the link to lots of other "larabar" recipes."

Also my artistic and creative husband refinished some pretty cool things recently.  I thought I would show you the before and after.


 And check out the detail he added to the drawer! Pretty cool huh?

He painted, glazed, and distressed a mirror (we got for free from a friend) to match it.

I think he's pretty talented!

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  1. Kathryn says: I love the furniture! Beautiful. I need to get working on my projects again. :) I am interested to hear more about your diet. I have done a lot of research on it in the past and have considered trying it. Let's talk soon!
    P.S. I really want to go to the bow night next week, but if I am getting my hair cut at your house, I don't know if hubs can get home early two nights in a row. :( We'll see. Hopefully I can work it out. :)