Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Dining room table and chairs

I have been working on this piece for weeks now and finally it's done. Due to the rain I have had to postpone my working on it, but now it's finished and I am in love.

I bought this Table for 40 dollars from a lady who said she bought it for 4,000. It's a beautiful piece, but it was barely hanging on. It seriously needed some TLC. I sanded it all down and stripped it. The materials to re-finish it cost more that the table it's self.

It came with two leaves and five chairs. Odd number I know but the sixth one was so damaged it wasn't fixable. The lady that sold it to me has a lot of money and got another dining table and used this one outside on her half covered porch. It was in bad condition, but I saw potential.

The table is much more beautiful with it's leaves in. I plan to find a bench to go on one side of the table. We are in the process of finding a larger home. When we do I plan to keep it extended out.

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