Monday, February 27, 2012


Baby girl you are growing up so fast. You are so funny. You make daddy and I laugh every day. You are a fiery little thing and secretly I like that ( so does daddy)
 You are determined, and a little stubborn. You are learning new words everyday (at least parts of words) You can say the following
  • Dog
  • Daddy, dada
  • Don't (Pronounced without the T. You say this in a low devil voice)
  • Bye bye
  • ball
  • bubbles (pronounced Bobos)
  • Please (pronounced Pee)
  • Water (pronounced Awah)
  • Walk (anytime I try to hold you and you want down)
  • No
  • Mama
  • Show (movie)
  • Cracker (Pronounced Kaka)
  • Caca
  • More (Pronounced Mo)
  • Teeth
  • Tooth paste (pronounced Tutu)
 Your favorite person is Dad. You like to hold his finger when you walk together.You know all of your farm animal noises and more.
You are great at sign language. You know all of your animals and most typical baby signs.
 We found some wild daffodils. Teaching my daughter to smell the flowers was pretty funny.. First I smelled them and showed her how, then I asked her to smell them. She did well at first..
 We haven't mastered the difference between smell and taste.. Coco likes to take a sample of everything with her tongue.
Daddy likes to sing you made up songs. Some have cute lyrics.. This morning it went a little like this " Thats my daughter and I'm her father I love her so much lets have another" I think we should too. I enjoy being your mother, and teaching you new things my sweet little daughter.


  1. Was that an announcement? ;) Cute, cute pictures!

    1. Lol Nope not yet. We are planning to wait until June to get pregnant. I don't think I am going to wait the full 12 wks this next time to tell everyone. If I miscarry (after having not waited to tell people)then maybe I'll have family/friends support this time. It was hard to not have anyone know the first time I miscarried.

  2. oh Leah, you are so cute and such a great mommy! Chloe is adorable in these pictures too! Love the post. :)

    1. Thanks Sarah! I'm heading over to your blog right now in hopes to see my little lily babe.. ")

  3. the time flies! she is so adorable!