Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer fun

Friday evening our little family packed up the Rav and headed out to Idaho. We drove all night so that Chloë could just sleep.. but sleep she didn't.. and Ginger panted, and whined most of the way.. 15 hours later we arrived.

 It was a great trip visiting the Baird's side. Lots of food, gatherings, games, fireworks, and LOTS of babies. Two of my sisters in law had twins and Chloë and her cousin James are both 1 so six little babes.

Miss Chloë played on the trampoline with the sprinklers on.. She didn't care much for the cold water :(

Daddy to the rescue!!

It's so cold Daddy I need to get off of this trampoline!

The fireworks on the river were great as usual. Ginger was the highlight of the night wth her glowstick collar.

Fireworks on the river with the fam

Both sets of twin cousins

Two of a kind..

 Chloë giggled the whole time she rode on the horse with daddy :)

I killed a can!

We went to visit Adam's best friend Andrew ,and his cute family. They took us to the "splash Park".
Mommy and Chloë on the carousel

Chloë wasn't a fan of the cold water so we took her back to our blanket and fed her popsicles.. now THAT she loves

Check out those legs! I l-uuu-ve those legs!

 Happy SUMMER!!

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  1. Looks like Chloё had a great time in Idaho--except for the cold water;) Love all the pics!