Thursday, June 16, 2011


My sweet little One year old..
You are the sweetest thing I know. I couldn't have picked a better spirit to come into our home. Your "Dada" and I adore you. You've brought more joy into our lives than we had imagined. I know you won't remember this day, but I always will. Here are a few pictures from your special day..

 It was my first time frosting cupcakes with decorating bags and tips. I don't know why I didn't do this before! I used to just slap on the frosting with a butter knife.. Never again! I had so much fun with them! Girls are the best!
You looked so pretty in your party dress I could have eaten you alive!

Gotta love those rolls!

Inspiration for this cake: Pink Peach Cakes.. So adorable.

You have become so playful these days. You love to be tickled, tossed up in the air, kissed (oh wait that's what mommy likes) You love the pool, reading books, clapping, waving bye-bye, your food.. seriously.. this kid LOVES to eat. Even dog food, which you get into more than I want to admit. but most of all you LOVE your "Dada". You have been talking now for about six months. You can say the following:
  • Dada
  • Dog-dog
  • Bye bye
  • duck
  • Ca ca (mommy doesn't like that one, but it's my fault)

 You sleep in "childs pose" and Daddy and I love to come in your room while you are asleep and take pictures and laugh. You amuse us.

I got this rose cake idea off of LOVE her! (thanks Jess for the link!)

You had a very sad break down moment when the party guests arrived. It's a new thing you being scared of strangers. Hope it passes soon!

 You were still a little under the weather on your birthday so you probably didn't enjoy the sugar like you normally would have. Your dad and I enjoyed it for you!
I had no idea you could color powdered sugar until now, but you can! White chocolate dipped caksters yumm..

You have grown so much since you were born. One year is Huge in baby world. We can't wait to see who you have become this time next year!
You still only have two bottom teeth. I love your big gummy smile I don't want those others to start coming in!

Your tiny newborn ballet shoes you used to wear

Chloë's party dress

I had so much fun baking, dipping, and frosting. I'm sure I gained 5 lbs just making your party treats.. Oh well worth it!

                                                   What happened to my teeny tiny newborn?
                               Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter. We love you more than you know.


  1. She is so cute Leah! What a great party. I love the rose cake. Look how talented you are. Happy birthday little Chloe. They do grow up so fast.

  2. What a fun and darling party. Chloe is so adorable! I hope we can see you again soon. Happy Birthday Chloe!

  3. What a fun birthday! I wish I could have been there! She is such a beautiful girl! Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks.

  4. Happy Birthday Chloe! The food looked amazing, you are super talented Leah. Chloe is adorable, I hope you guys are coming up to Idaho this summer, I just want to kiss those chubby cheeks.

  5. Oh my gosh Leah she is BEAUTIFUL and you are so freakin CRAFTY!! your page is always such an inspiration to me!! I love it and I love you I miss you and haven't seen you in like 4 years!! makes me kinda sad!! glad you are happy!!