Thursday, June 2, 2011

Everyone's doin it!

I know really EVERYBODY is doing these coffee filter wreaths, and so am I ! I figured if I hated it, it only cost me a few bucks, so who cares. The thing is.. I love mine! It inspired me to redecorate my mantle for summer... if it ever gets here (I hate the rain!!)  Anyhow here it is my copycat craft of the week..

Ah I really need to align those lanterns!
This is all I had of a BEFORE shot. I was really just trying to take a pic of my tissue paper decorations I started for Chloe's b day party, but you can kinda see the mantle right?

Toutorial found here

Oh and I have to add this funny little pic I tried to take of my dog with muddy feet. She is NOT photogenic. He he makes me laugh just lookin at it.


  1. This is totally awesome! I followed your link and I think I will do one with natural filters and black chalk so it will go with my new decor! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  2. The wreath looks so good above your mantle. I think I might just have to try that one!