Monday, October 4, 2010

We're all balding!!!

Having been a hairstylist I have heard the complaint many times. "My hair is falling out after I had my baby" I guess I never thought it would happen to me because I have so much hair. (Not the best logic) BUT about a month ago I started really losing a lot of hair. I know it's gross to show, but I have to prove my point.. Here is a picture of three days worth of showering.. our poor drain keeps clogging. so gross I know. I knew some people lose hair postpartum but this seems like too much!! Anyone else lose this much hair?? When does it end?I am becoming like my husband and daughter.. Bald!


  1. I seriously lost SOOOO much with Lukas. It was awful. He would grab the floor and pick up so much hair when he was playing. IT didn't matter that I just vaccumed. I didn't loose as much with Blair. My aunt told me to take Biotin which helped (she is a hair stylist too.) I just hated when the baby hairs grew back and I would put my hair up (which if your like me is a lot after having kids.)

  2. We're in the boat. Sad I know!!!

  3. I second the first comment! The baby hairs look terrible! They are getting longer and longer and can be found curling up, sticking out, or matted down to my forehead. Yuck.

  4. Leah, I promise you're not going bald! Here's what happens: Your hair has a natural lifespan. It grows so long and then falls out & is replaced by a new one. (I'm sure you know this) When you're pregnant, your body turns off that reset button, so your hair doesn't fall out when it gets to its limit. (This lush hair is part of nature's way of keeping daddy around, like how your lips probably got fuller & your pheremones stronger). Once you've had your baby, that reset button turns back on, and you lose the hair you should have lost during pregnancy. This will continue until your hair reaches its normal equilibrium, & should be as thick as before pregnancy.

    It's still gross, though. And the baby hairs suck.