Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Week 25 .The week of viability

This is the week I have been waiting for! I have worried much more this time around than with the other two. I cannot say enough how different this pregnancy feels than the other girls. I can't tell if

  • She is way more chill that the other girls, 
  • My anterior placenta buffers the movements or
  • Is there something wrong?

I have been by far more stressed out with this pregnancy than before. Especially in the very beginning, and I worry about that transferring to the baby somehow in someway. This year takes the cake for the hardest year of my life. Don't get me wrong, the last two months have been very exciting, and much less stressful, but overall an overwhelming. 

I have nights where I lie awake for hours not able to sleep, because I am worried about this baby.
I remember having moments like this with Piper, and Chloe, but not to this extent. I have gone days without feeling this little girl move. Piper and Chloe were very reactive babies in utero. I try to wiggle her around a bit in there, and she stays sleeping, where before, my babies would shift around and wiggle if pushed on.

 photo 1November2014099-_zps90212bc0.jpg. photo 1November2014043-_zpsc9c91471.jpg

I went in at my 20 week ultrasound and they told me that she is measuring small.
In particular her head is measuring small. They didn't seem too concerned, but wanted me to come back 2 weeks later to be sure she was still growing properly.
Of course I went home and googled "baby's head measuring small on ultrasound" which you should never do, and made myself nervous about what could be wrong.
2 weeks went by slowly and we went back in for our appointment. Again she is measuring in the 2nd percentile, but still growing. They want me to go in for a third ultrasound at the Perinatologists in 6 weeks.
I went in for my regular Dr appointment and when she measured my tummy. It measures 2 weeks behind, so I thought maybe she is just small? not just her head? I asked for a printout of her measurements, and this is what they gave me.. 
 photo October2014001_zps4d09b8dc.jpg Well below 40% in everything measured. To me it looks like she is just little, and I don't feel too worried about that. Neither of our other babies were small, but given my, and Adam's structures it is likely that she could come out on the small side.

November 1st I felt her first case of the hiccups :) I LOVE baby hiccups so much!!

I have had hardly any heartburn.. I'm Wondering if I fall too much for those old wives tales linking heartburn to your baby having hair.. If that is the case she will be bald as a Q ball.

I had an idea to add some names that I would never use, (but for some reason I like) Each pregnancy post..Today's is Tabitha.. Could this be due to the fact I watched bewitched a lot growing up?
 photo tabitha_zpsdf0aaea6.jpg

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  1. Hey sweetie, reading about your worries just made me want to say I love you and your lovely baby is going to be absolutely perfect. She is exactly the right size for herself!