Friday, November 14, 2014

Seattle Trip pt 1

We took a trip to Seattle to stay up at the lake house. We had so many adventures that week. We took the kids to the Aquarium, and through the harbor tour. We headed up to Pike Place to grab lunch and shop a little. They had the most beautiful flower bouquets and wonderful local fruit, and sea food.

 photo Washingtontrip2014012_zpsb1d8b175.jpg

We ate seafood almost every day. It rained a few days that we were there.

 photo Washingtontrip2014013_zps99f8dde0.jpg
We went to Ivar's and fed the seagulls  photo seagulls_zpsa6ec2cf7.jpg

We went to seriously one of the coolest Parks I have ever been to. The Olympic Game Farm. It was an Animal park where you drive through and feed the animals from your car. You purchase loafs of wheat bread and the animals come stick their heads in the car and eat it. They had Zebras, elk, deer, llamas,and buffalo. On another side of the park you could drive through and see the bears, tigers, lions, and wolfs. They had an aquarium, and reptile building, and It was honestly the coolest thing you can do!
 photo Washingtontrip2014086_zpsfbb43462.jpg
 photo Washingtontrip2014098_zps37f2f390.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014100_zpsd3aef9b9.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014103_zps5d48aa74.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014104_zpscc71537b.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014138_zpsce0d3f7d.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014140_zpsee166cfb.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014147_zps8a5273c1.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014173_zps9fa089b0.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014176_zpsa367cc9b.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014202_zpsc10333c4.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014220_zpsdb93b638.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014229_zps25c239fe.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014249_zps92b622e3.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014266_zps4e149745.jpgIn this next picture I was beyond disgusted by the horrible smell that these buffalo put off. It didn't help I was pregnant and highly sick :(  photo Washingtontrip2014270_zpsfe7d1262.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014582_zpsc4d82a8b.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014601_zpse228ba8a.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014271_zps8c10fe59.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014284_zps69d3f29c.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014327_zpsdec9da82.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014358_zps38a48ed0.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014374_zps7218e94d.jpg
 photo Washingtontrip2014386_zps9071fea9.jpg

Poor Miss Chloe bit her tongue while eating the bread meant for the animals, and I couldn't help capturing the sad moment..
 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zpsf1e93545.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014414_zps9e55071f.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014421_zps0800f17a.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014618_zps6f44f20c.jpgWe stopped to check out a Lavender farm, but it just kept raining, so we didn't get to stay long. The smell was amazing, and I wish we could have done some family pictures there :( Boo rain

 photo Washingtontrip2014627_zps5571b278.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014630_zpsc5c3dcd3.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014632_zps52c31b4c.jpg photo Washingtontrip2014644_zps8ea65218.jpg photo 1Washingtontrip2014666-_zps9387f9ad.jpg photo 1Washingtontrip2014672-sharpenfb_zps82aa13b2.jpg photo 1Washingtontrip2014650-_zps22984682.jpg photo 1Washingtontrip2014670-_zps82ef9456.jpg photo 1Washingtontrip2014671-_zps60a5f909.jpg photo 1Washingtontrip2014679-_zps31535f1a.jpg photo 1Washingtontrip2014667-_zps0b74f859.jpg
We had such a blast that day!

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